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Like a dating app, but for jobs.

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Still getting ghosted on your job search?

The future of work is bright, hope you brought your Ray-Bans® 😎.

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Relevancy Scoring (Using AI)

We got sick of keyword matching, so we trained an AI model that factors tangibles like your skills and work experience, and intangibles like your personality.

Personality Evaluations

You’re more than a piece of paper (your resume!), so prove it! Take our personality evaluation to see how you can use your natural skills to increase your chances of thriving in a role.

Hirebird Match©

Picture your favorite dating app (we've all used one) married with a job search platform. Swipe on positions and employers you're interested in.

Application Transparency

Track your resume/application in real time. See exactly why you missed out on a job you wanted, and what you can do in the future to have a better shot.

Match with some of the best employers out there.

With over 300 potential employers already signed up for our beta, you're bound to find someone who piques your interest.

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2 hrs ago
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Hirebird Development

🚀 Exciting development! We're integrating marketing capabilities into our platform with the addition of a new Marketing API, featuring git push webhooks. Stay tuned for more enhancements! #TechUpdate #Progress

We only just met.. don't just take our word for it. 👇

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“No luck swiping right looking for love? What if you could swipe right on your dream job?”

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“Imagine a Dating App, but for Job Hunting ‐ Hirebird is Ruffling Feathers in the Hiring Scene!”

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“The overall goal of Hirebird is to shorten the hiring process. Candidates and employers match by swiping on one another — like on dating apps Tinder or Hinge”

It doesn't matter who matches with who.. think of “speed dating”.. just get the ball rolling.

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Skip the pleasantries, your time is valuable.

Bad option

“Hi, nice to meet you, are you available Thursday?”

Good option

Schedule a meeting. 🎉

The best part? It's totally free. Swipe and match until your fingers hurt.

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